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Hounds of Erie Winery

Welcome to Hounds of Erie Winery, where the commitment to quality never disappoints, and all friends both human and dog are always invited to sit, stay & enjoy.  

“The door is always open! Sit, stay, and enjoy!”

This boutique, dog friendly winery is comfortably located on 23 acres of gorgeous farm-lands in Norfolk County. Situated within the rich, fertile soils of the Lake Erie, great lakes basin, the property has been hand planted with unique vines and apple trees used to craft high-quality hand-crafted wines and hard ciders.  This family based business has one clear intention: To share the property and passion for all things wine, hard cider and dog related with each guest.

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BONUS: For all orders over $150, you’ll receive a free Hounds of Erie stemmed wine glass.


Matt, the owner, was a very nice guy. He explained to us some if the processes of making his ciders and wines, as we were tasting with him. The coders were absolutely phenomenal. Very nice noses, and the flavours were out of this world. My girlfriend even enjoyed the red wine, even though she does not normally enjoy red. The tannins were very light and the wine had a nice peppery taste and feel to it. I would recommend this Vineyard to everyone.

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