Our Community

Bees, Chickens & Birds

Norfolk County provides a unique opportunity to collaborate and connect with local businesses.  Being a diverse agricultural tourism area, we tap into many thriving local businesses to provide solutions, create partnerships and fill a need in each other’s businesses.   

This held true when we realized in order to supply enough 

fruit for cider & grape production our orchard & vineyard 

would need some help from a very tiny solution.  A local 

apiary, Hunt’s Honey, has provided approximately 20 hives 

within the vineyard and orchard.  Benefits are full circle. A 

nice steady honey supply for our winery family and all the 

pollen one little bee can consume from our vineyard and 

orchard.  With the addition of planting wildflowers around

 the property, we are feeding these bees, while they take

 very good care of our farm. 

After expanding the vineyard to over 3 times its size in 2017 

we knew an IPM (integrated pest management) system was 

needed.  This created an opportunity to introduce more 

chickens to the property.  We also  partnered with the ALUS 

Program who have provided blue bird, brown bat and 

kestrel habitats to help to create an ecosystem approach at

 managing our pests.