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Customizing the vineyard at The Hounds of Erie has been an ongoing passion project.  Choosing the location for a quality winery is no small task.  Elements of consideration include, weather pattern, proximity to fresh water, soil consistency, and the most important the type of grape & apple that will bear the most successful fruit.

Being mindful of these things led the Vaughan family to beautiful Clear Creek, Ontario.  The winery benefits from Lake Erie Macro-climate being only 2.5 km away from the water.  This means cool summer breezes and mild winter weather.

Due to the orientation of Lake Erie, the sub-appellation is known for constant higher than average westerly winds. This natural air-movement helps to reduce disease pressure in the vineyard.  The winery site has a unique soil profile with 40-100 cm of sandy-loam textures over silty clay loam till. This profile enables the vines the benefit of having good drainage while maintaining access to ground water and rich clay-till minerals. This has proven very useful during droughts such as those experienced in 2016.

In choosing the proper grape it was obvious that there were hundreds of choices, being specific to the unique location we started with a few and have steadily expanded ½ an acre or more per year.

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